If the computer’s hard drive stopped working or the data can’t be read - you need help of information recovery specialists! Unfortunately, in most cases, hard drives cannot be repaired, only the data stored on them can be recovered. HDD disks are very sensitive to damage, if it fell down, received a strong blow or was sharply shaken, its magnetic heads might get stuck. Also, the surface of the magnetic disks can be scratched or cut, making information inaccessible and lost forever. The winchester can break from old age, some of its sectors become damaged and unreadable with time, it works slower, and then one day the system stops booting up. You should keep in mind that HDD can malfunction because of rapid changes in electric current or because of overheating! Information recovery from hard drives in Kyiv is done by our highly-qualified specialists in the shortest time and at the lowest price! We’re waiting for your call!