Do you observe dots, dark areas or stains on the screen of your iMac? It means that a lot of dust was accumulated under the glass of a screen or even in the layers of lcd screen. The cooling system exhausts the dust from the air that after some time could be incorporated to the screen block forming some kind of the “dust dots”. There are two main ways of dust accumulation/ It could be bunched between the glass and lcd or being incorporated in the layers of the screen (light-reflecting films). In the first case there are some darkening at the edges of the screen of iMac, In the other case you may notice well seen stains in the center of screen.

Cleaning of iMac screen in our Apple service-centre is fast and could be included to the overall cleaning up procedure of monoblock. iMac lcd screen is harder to manage as far as the full disassembling of screen and light-reflecting lcd films of is a real craftsmanship that needs more time. But even in the most complex cases we are able to restore the brightness of the display of your monoblock! Professionals of our service-centre in Kyiv will clean the screen, remove dust that improve brightness and colour rendition. Call us for the diagnostics and professional repair of your device with guarantee just now!

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