The damage of iMac video card in the common problem that could be faced to any user. Apple desktop is used for professional work, solving of complicated tasks and working with resource-intensive software. That is why during intensive work some delicate parts of the device could be broken. Video card (graphics adapter) of iMac could be out of work due to several reasons. First of all this could be caused by overheating as a consequence of dust accumulation. Video adapter could be also burned-out after sudden change of voltage or during long working with the hard task for example at video processing.

The repair of a video card is applied only when there is no possibility to change the video-card. In this case video-chip should be resoldered. We recommend you to replace video-card of iMac in Kyiv. The popular models ATI Radeon HD 5750 and powerful HD 6970M are available. Our personnel will install them on your device. Please take notice that new fast and productive video-cards are also available. Call us for free consultation and following change of video-card.