Troubles with iMac booting could be caused by several reasons. Sometimes it could be software failure or damaged files of Mac operating system., It happens at logic mistakes of the system, as a result of unsuccessful update or voltage swings etc. In other cases the problems could be caused by hardware malfunction systemic breaking - e.g. by the damages of computer parts. Apple’s all-in-one desktop iMac was created as a tool of solving a wide range of tasks including those that require high workload. That is why after long time of intensive usage they could be damaged or need maintenance.

In our Apple service center in Kyiv you may repair your iMac, solve a problem with booting, claim the reinstallation of operating system if it is necessary and in the same time to save all your data, get installed software and useful utilities. We also provide complex maintenance of iMac, changing damaged parts and elements. In most cases it could be necessary if the power supply of desktop or motherboard components were burned-out, HDD drive was broken, etc. Do call us today for fast and high-quality solving of your problems. Your iMac will be loaded and turned-on easily again!