Slow working of iMac is connected in the first range with the problems with hard drive HDD. Even the principle of hard disk drive working will not support fast working and data transfer as far as the mechanic elements are used in the system. In the HDD body are located the specific discs made of unique alloy that are constantly rotating allowing to laser head to write and read data.

That is why apart of limited speed the hard discs are not reliable enough. In the case of falling or crash the disc could be damaged and data could be lost as the consequence of it. Moreover, with the pass of time the hard drive could work slower, with more errors, the injured sectors could be also detected. It leads to the slowing down the work of the whole system and to problems with iMac booting.

We propose the installation of SSD storage device to your iMac instead of or together with standard hard drive. Installing of SSD (solid-state drive) disc on monoblock would improve it’s performance in several times. Please notice that you are able not only to change you hard drive to fast flash storage device but also to use them both in the same time using specific Optibay. In this case the operating systems and all programs will be installed on SSD drive and the old winchester could be successfully used for storing of all your photos, files, video etc. Installing SSD to your iMac you’ll receive the installation of new macOS as a bonus! Do upgrade your iMac for easy working and solving the complicated problems!

Installation of SSD to iMacSSD iMac