Do you want to have the most up to date and trustworthy version of the Mac operation system? Install the latest developed version of macOC in our service center! As you know Apple operating systems are free and accessible, but installing them properly needs skills, experience and time. MacOS reinstalling may be required if the user tried to update the system without success, if the hard drive suffered a logical/hardware failure, if SATA cable or memory (RAM) is defective. If you update via AppStore yourself the new version can overwrite the previous one incorrectly, which might lead to some software not working. If hardware breaks, for example, if there are problems with the hard drive, the system begins to accumulate errors and it stops booting up. You can order a MacOS reinstallation, with or without saving/transferring Your data. Please contact our Apple service center in Kyiv for free diagnostics and macOS installation!

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