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On October 22, 2016
Last modified:December 23, 2016


Apple fans has a new web site in Ukraine - and in Ukrainian!

Apple fans has a new web site in Ukraine – and in Ukrainian!

It’s not a secret that Ukrainian Apple-lovers’ are mostly forced to follow the news on their favorite brand through russian internet sources. This includes reviews of tech and soft, news, repair and usage advice, etc. It’s easy to see why the practice is not very pleasant – Ukrainians don’t have a chance to get information in their native language! And the bottleneck was just the absence of a good Ukrainian web site about Apple!

This has at last changed! We’re glad to inform you about the first ever Ukrainian website about Apple Macintosh news – MAC.ORG.UA! A specialized portal on “apple” tech and software was created with the help of the service center BashMac in Kyiv. This let us not only to pay attention to the latest news, but to compile full reviews, publish advice on repairs and support of MacBook, iMac, setting up macOS and programs. The articles are set apart by their high trustworthiness, since they are based on practical experience of a professional service center!

All materials on the site are conveniently sorted by topic, so every visitor will easily find just what he or she is looking for. For example, info on support and repairs of MacBook is gathered and kept separately from reviews of programs and settings, or news from the Apple world and such like. And the main thing is that all materials are interesting and unique, many of them have no analogues even in the more developed russian internet! This is especially true for the Apple hardware,usage questions, functional, repairs and upgrades.

So if you have a MacBook, iMac, MacPro, Mac mini, or simply are interested in Apple world – you will find everything you need at the Ukrainian portal “Mac Ukraine“! The project was created by Ukrainians for Ukrainians, to fully provide for their need for useful info and to popularize native tongue. Do you love Apple? do you use Apple? Read and review Ukrainian articles on the Apple Ukraine portal!

Apple fans has a new web site in Ukraine - and in Ukrainian!