If your iMac often warms itself (overheating), makes noise or buzzing, hangs or suddenly reboots - it is time to clean it up and to change a thermal compound/grease. Cooling system of iMac easily manage it’s tasks but you may keep in mind that all elements of monoblock located very close to each other and cooler while exhausting the air absorbing also dust and small particles for example hair or wool. That is why with the pass of time on the surface of fan and air-grating you may observe the layer of dust that impair the effective cooling. Moreover, thermal grease applying to the cooling system and air-grating for the best heat emission could be dried out after long-term working and lost its properties.

Overheating of iMac could cause a list of problems and breakdowns, for example video-card, hard drive or even motherboard could be broken. That is why from time to time you need to clean the cooling system and change the thermal paste. Our supervisory personnel in Kyiv will clean out your iMac that minimize the risk of it’s breaking! Sometimes screen of iMac becomes spotted or dark areas at the edge are visible, In this case the cleaning of screen is also required. The cleaning up maintenance of iMac in our service-centre is fast and professional during working hours. Do not wait for problems, ask for assistance in time - consultation is free of charge! We are ready to assist you!

Preventive cleaning of iMacPreventive cleaning of iMac