MacBook battery is supposed to work for around 1000 cycles of charging (at least Apple says so). In some cases, it can work longer than that, but mostly accumulator doesn’t last that long and loses its capacity earlier. This happens for a number of reasons: what charger have you got, does the cable have any damages, how exactly you use your laptop through the day. For instance, if you rarely unplug your devise, your battery stops functioning properly and therefore in time becomes invalid. At the same time if your laptop is constantly being used in free running mode it may also lead to loss of the battery’s capacity.

Your MacBook might need a battery replacement in our Apple service center in case it got blown up, stopped holding the charge or your laptop started decelerating. We can offer you new original MacBook batteries or slightly used ones in a very good condition! We also have in stock enhanced batteries, that hold the charge longer and have more capacity than usual. Call and visit our service center for free MacBook diagnostics and battery replacement! We can guarantee individual approach and warranty of our work!