If your laptop heats too much, makes a lot of noise and/or works slowly, you should definitely get your MacBook cleaned from dust and dirt in our service center in Kyiv. The cooling system draws in dust and different trash, they create a thick layer of dirt on the details surface and prevent from effective cooling.

MacBook heats up, drones, its performance gets worse and worse, laptop can shut down or restart on its own.

There is a layer of special dope under the cooler where it gets in touch with processor, video adapter and other chips. It time it can “harden” and therefore stop conducting heat, so it needs an urgent replacement.

If your MacBook keeps heating up, droning, sticking or even shutting off by itself – you definitely need a prophylactic cleaning! Experts of our Apple service center in Kyiv can fully disassemble your laptop, clean it up from any dust and dirt and change the dope.

Get your MacBook cleaned up in time or otherwise your graphics card, supply board, even HDD or SSD may be seriously damaged by the heat. By getting your laptop cleaned you preserve it from extremely expensive repair and parts replacement. It is especially important for people who work a lot with graphics, video or play computer games. Call us right away!

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