MacBooks have very comfortable and high-quality keyboards, that’s why they rarely fail. Usually a keyboard needs repair in the following cases: you spilled some water on it or there has been a short circuit after voltage drop. Quite rarely, but keyboard may be damaged as a result of an intense overheat, which occurred because of internal contamination with dust and dirt.

That’s why it is highly recommended to occasionally (once in 1-2 years) perform prophylactic clean-up of you MacBook. Here is how you can figure out you keyboard isn’t working properly: it starts “crunching” and sticking after any recent liquid spill, keys are pressed with a great difficulty or stop working at all. In cases of a small damage we offer you a MacBook clean-up in Kyiv, or a full replacement of the keyboard - if the connections are burned or rotten because of the corrosion. We can also replace separate keys of the MacBook keyboard, perform a laser engraving (Ukrainian, Russian letters). If the laptop fell down and afterwards the keyboard stopped working, it is important to run the diagnostics in case the tail area or connection slot of the motherboard has been damaged. Visit our Apple service center and get a quick and high-quality keyboard repair or replacement in Kyiv!

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