If laptop screen is broken or cracked, matrix is damaged or chopped off, we offer you a quick and high-quality replacement (repair) of your MacBook screen in Kyiv! Usually replacement of the screen is needed in the following cases: it’s been stepped on, sit on, its cover has been closed with an exterior object inside (pen, keys, etc).

Sometimes high gloss of the screen is peeling off or the traces of the keyboard appear on it – mostly when you carry it around in a tight bag. In all those cases you need a professional repair of the MacBook matrix.
For achieving the best results, your whole screen block often needs to be replaced – it guarantees original (factorial) image quality.
In old MacBook models it was possible to replace the matrix - it is extracted from the cover and the new one is successfully installed. But in the new MacBook Retina models matrix consists of a lot of reflecting films, that’s why its replacement is practically impossible without spoiling and other defects. We offer you a whole Retina display replacement! We’ve got new MacBook screens in stock and some used ones in very good condition. Urgent replacements (for a higher price) are performed in one day. Nonurgent ones – during a month, but for a considerably lower cost. When the screen in replaced, you also get a prophylactic general laptop clean-up for free! Call and visit the best Apple service center in Kyiv – “BashMac”!