RAM (Random Access Memory) is computer’s fast memory, which is responsible for data exchange between system components. In other words, the bigger is the main memory (and higher is the frequency) on your laptop, the faster and easier it solves any resource-intensive problems and works with complicated programs.

Of course stability of macOS system also depends on the main memory. If you would like to upgrade your MacBook and increase its productivity – install the main memory on MacBook in our Apple service center in Kyiv!

Only professionals can correctly select a main memory (RAM) for MacBook. Our employees will take into account version of your laptop and model year, system configuration, recommended frequency and memory type. Main memory extension will definitely give your laptop positive speed and capacity increase, it would be able to solve more complex problems like rendering, handling of sound, images and video. After main memory installation we test the efficiency of your laptop with special programs and give it back to the client only after that. You may be sure that all the work will be performed at the best quality with the best prices! We are waiting for your call right now!

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