Motherboard is the main part of your laptop; in case of its damage the whole devise will be out of order. You might need your graphics card replaced after the water spill, appearance of the white screen, constant restarting, etc.

You might often need to replace your motherboard if you have problems with the graphics card, because they are soldered together. That’s why stripes on the screen, image bifurcation, blinking and artifacts are the signs of the graphics card damage, replacement of which might be quite dangerous.

Spilling water may cause corrosion on the whole regions of the board, rotting and destruction of connections and conducting tracks.
We repair some parts of the board in cases of small damages like recovery of the conducting tracks and connections, transferring transistors, capacitors, some ports, etc. In cases where the damages are large-scaled or the parts of the motherboard can’t be restored – we perform a full replacement with a new one! Visit us for the free diagnostic in our Apple service center “BashMac” and get a quick and qualitative solution to any of your questions!

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