Visit us for a professional advice and repair if your laptop doesn’t turn on or restart! There are a few reasons for those defects: software- and hardware-based. Software-based problems and operating system failures occur quite rarely and can be easily repaired by our experts! Mostly if your laptop doesn’t turn on or restarts on its own, you might need a hardware repair or replacement of some parts. All these questions about your devise’s operability are easily and professionally solved in our Apple service center!

The most frequent damages include:

  • appearance of the folder on your MacBook desktop with a question mark as a title – this means that a replacement of the SATA tail area or hard disc is needed
  • if the MacBook isn’t charging properly or charges with a lot of power outages, it might need component repair or replacement of the supply Power Board
  • if the cooler (fan) drones too loudly, it might need a clean-up or a replacement
  • problems with wireless networks, when MacBook doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi may be solved by repairing or replacing the Wi-Fi module or antennas.

You can visit our service center in Kyiv and ask about these and a few other MacBook repair services. Simply call us right now!

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