In the old MacBook versions were used usual hard HDD discs and in time they may get out of order. HDD winchesters are quite fragile, because they consist of mechanical revolving discs, where information is being written down by laser heads.

Discs are becoming warn out from constant revolving, damaged sectors appear, the information can no longer be read off as it used to and in time becomes completely unavailable. After any hit, fall or even energetic shake discs may become jammed and therefore the information becomes almost impossible to read. Moreover, hard discs work pretty slow, many programs and operating system may decelerate, stop revealing their full potential. That is exactly why the best alternative is installing fast SSD disc on your MacBook!

SSD disc are data storages, their work is based on using NAND memory without any mechanical elements. SSD looks like a system board with memory chips, power controller and a header. There are two form-factors of the most frequently used SSD: old MacBook versions use 2.5 inches, new ones have a special proprietary memory. We can make your laptop work faster and more effectively. The best upgrade for your laptop is installing flesh disc (SSD), which allows macOS and all of your programs work faster, and moreover your data will be far more secured.

Contact us for space extension on your MacBook, installation of a bigger SDD: 128 GB, 256 GB, 500 GB, 1000 GB! We are waiting for you in our service center in Kyiv!

Adding a Second Drive (SSD, HDD) to MacBook Unibody
Adding a Second Drive (SSD, HDD) to MacBook Unibody
SSD MacBook Air or MAcBook Pro Retina
Upgrade an SSD in MacBook Air & MacBook Pro Retina